{ "objects" : [ { "embark_ID" : 82, "URL" : "https://webkiosk.gallerysystems.com/Objects-1/info/82", "Disp_Access_No" : "1952.157", "_AccNumSort1" : "", "Disp_Create_DT" : "1888", "_Disp_Start_Dat" : "1888", "_Disp_End_Date" : "1888", "Disp_Title" : "Head of a Man", "Alt_Title" : "Head of a Man, A Jewish Comedian", "Obj_Title" : "<i>Head of a Man</i>", "Series_Title" : "", "Disp_Maker_1" : "Max Slevogt", "Sort_Artist" : "Slevogt, Max", "Disp_Dimen" : "21 x 17 1/2 in. (53.34 x 44.45 cm)", "Disp_Height" : "21 in.", "Disp_Width" : "17 1/2 in.", "Dimen_Extent" : "Stretcher", "Medium" : "Oil on canvas", "Support" : "", "Disp_Medium" : "Oil on canvas", "Info_Page_Comm" : "", "Dedication" : "Founding Collection, Gift of Charles and Emma Frye, 1952.157", "Copyright_Type" : "", "Disp_Obj_Type" : "Painting", "Creation_Place2" : "", "Department" : "European Early", "Obj_Name" : "", "Period" : "", "Style" : "", "Edition" : "", "Curator" : "October 2008: Title changed back to Head of a Man by Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker. Undated correspondence from Wiebke Light (guest scholar) to Richard V. West: Richard, 1. The author suggests a change of title from A Jewish Comedian to Head of a Man. If title changes are made, the text has to be carefully revised. 2. When discussing the similarities between the singer and the man in A Jewish Comedian, the author bases his argument on a notation in the artist''s file, to which we have no citation. It may have been a visitor''s remark, in which case the entire paragraph is unnecessary since the author refutes the suggestion. Wiebke A Jewish Comedian, 1888 alternate title: Head of a Man [from a Berlin collection] oil on canvas, 21 x 17 ½ signed U.R. (in red paint): Slevogt 88 inscriptions (on stretcher): Knor Grimmstr. 18 1952.157 REFERENCE: Hans-Jürgen Imiela, Max Slevogt. Eine Monographie, Karlsruhe, 1968, p. 348 (footnote 16): “Männlicher Bildniskopf, 1888, Seattle Washington, Charles and Emma Freye (sic!) Museum.” Max Slevogt most likely completed A Jewish Comedian while enrolled in the painting class of Wilhelm von Diez and before he studied in Paris in 1889. Like his teacher, Slevogt believed in a pure painting style with smooth transitions between colors. This technique was characteristic of the Leibl-circle who established and spread the concept within Munich''s art community. Slevogt''s broad, strong brushstroke reminds additionally of Rembrandt (1606-1669) and Frans Hals (1581(5)- 1666), both greatly admired by the realists. While the comedian''s jacket only slightly contrasts against the background, the comedian''s warm skin is brought to shine. A Jewish Comedian depicts a young man''s bust with his head slightly turned to the right. The facial expression of the man''s shut mouth and his bright eyes express serenity and laughter. A logical connection between subject and title, however, is lacking. Most likely, an art dealer was responsible for the current title Jewish Comedian. A second, more innocuous title Head of a Man may in fact be preferable. A notation in the artist''s file identifies the painting subject as the once well-known Portuguese Baritone Francisco d''Andrade. In the painting The Champagne Song (Güse, Nr. 54), Slevogt portrayed d''Andrade in his 1902 role as Don Giovanni. The veracity of the notation is questionable since Slevogt first encountered the singer d''Andrade in 1894 during a performance in Munich, six years after A Jewish Comedian had been painted (Güse, 501). Additionally, there are no apparent physical similarities between the Baritone and the man in A Jewish Comedian. A Jewish Comedian of the Frye Collection does not portray a known individual, but rather should be considered a study. In comparison to his earlier works, Slevogt securely mastered motif and painting technique. The rough brush stroke hints toward the style of the 1890''s, which contemporaries often described as coarse and brutal. Slevogt''s brighter and mere colorful style emerged only 10 years later and is not so much as suggested in A Jewish Comedian. ", "Images": [ { "ImagePath" : "https://webkiosk.gallerysystems.com/Media/images/1952.157_Mafford_Low-Res.jpg", "ThumbnailPath" : "https://webkiosk.gallerysystems.com/Media/Thumbnails/1952.157_Mafford_Low-Res.jpg", "PreviewPath" : "https://webkiosk.gallerysystems.com/Media/Previews/1952.157_Mafford_Low-Res.jpg", "IIIF_URL": "http://iiif.gallerysystems.com/1952.157_Mafford_Low-Res.jpg", "IsPrimary" : "1", "_SurrogateID" : "11570", "Image_Type" : "", "Photo_Credit" : "", "Remarks" : "", "View" : "" } , ] }, ] }