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Recent Acquisitions

The Frye Art Museum continues to strategically build its collection through purchases and gifts, both deepening existing areas of strength and diversifying holdings to reflect the Museum’s expansive curatorial program and Seattle’s globalized present.

Acquisitions of the last ten years demonstrate the Museum’s commitment to growing and contextualizing its distinctive historical collections of late nineteenth- and twentieth-century European and American art while broadening its holdings of contemporary works to embrace previously underrepresented identities, perspectives, and forms of expression. To some extent, acquisitions mirror the Museum’s exhibition history, creating a material record of the institution’s engagement with local, national, and international artists and commemorating the special audience connection formed through temporary presentations. Contemporary artworks chosen for the collection often respond to or complicate the narratives around mediums and genres traditionally associated with the Frye, like painting, landscape, and portraiture.

by Artist

Duane Linklater
Powder-coated trap, mirror, gypsum board, plywood, steel wall studs

Dress for Success

Rose Nestler
Leather, thread, batting, grommets, hooks

Strange Business

Rose Nestler
Two-channel digital video (color, silent): 20 min.


Cauleen Smith
Archival pigment print

Untitled (Badlands)

Juventino Aranda
Oil on wool Pendleton blanket


Ko Kirk Yamahira
Acrylic and graphite on partially unwoven canvas with wood

To a Flame

Anthony White
PLA (plastic) on panel

Snowflake Drawing #5 (Double Lotus Pod)

Jeffry Mitchell
Graphite, ink, carbon transfer, and watercolor on paper