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Larry Burnham (American)

Las Piñatas (The Piñatas)

Date: ca. 1960-71
Medium: Oil on canvas
Object Dimensions: 31 3/4 x 28 in. (80.65 x 71.12 cm)
Credit Line: Museum Purchase, 1971.008
Photo Credit: Jueqian Fang
Verbal Description: This painting is a portrait of three bird-like forms—piñatas—hung in an upside-down, triangular formation. The creatures’ body shapes resemble a peacock with thick, curved necks, pointed beaks, a slight comb at the top of their head, and long, cascading tailfeathers. Their legs are thin, about as along as their bodies, and disjointed like a flamingo. Each bird is a different solid color, starting at the top right and moving clockwise: magenta, grape, and canary yellow. The piñatas are hung by a thin, straight brown line, connecting the top of each bird back to the top edge of the canvas.

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