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Unknown (Nationality unknown)

The Madonna

Date: n.d.
Medium: Painted porcelain in a reproduction frame
Object Dimensions: 6 3/8 x 4 1/2 in. (16.19 x 11.43 cm)
Credit Line: Gift of Mrs. Robert Simpson, 1988.002
Photo Credit: Jueqian Fang
Verbal Description: This oval painting is small, and the ornately carved, gold frame nearly doubles its size. The painting is a portrait of a woman with porcelain-colored skin and light hair that’s mostly covered by her blue head covering and robe. Her hands, also covered entirely by the blue robe, clasp together to form a triangle shape at the center of the composition. One small fingertip on her right hand peaks out. Her head is turned to the right, nearly in profile, and she looks down, her eyes barely open and brow unfurred. Her pink lips are slightly downturned. She also wears a gold scarf, and the background of the painting is gold.

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