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Duane Linklater (Omaskêko Cree, b. 1976)

A blueberry garden for Seattle

Date: 2021
Medium: Blueberry bushes
Object Dimensions: Dimensions variable
Credit Line: Courtesy of the artist

This installation is a new iteration of a blueberry garden project that Linklater has periodically revisited since 2012. As living things that require the ongoing care of museum staff, the blueberry bushes structure a relationship of mutual obligation between the institution, the artist, and his work. Linklater sees the berries themselves as “agents,” too, that raise questions about how we interact with one another and the natural world:

"It’s beautiful to go berry picking, and it is a significant and poetic act. . . . The idea of the berry and berry picking is important in relation to some of these other things I’m interested in,
such as the politics of resource extraction and my implication as an artist and Indigenous person in that kind of a system. The berry is a resource, a physical resource that has the possibility
to nourish, to give life, to whoever chooses to take it. . . . The conceptual proposition is that these particular resources are alive. And rather than the berry being an “it,” the berry itself is
an agent, it is a he or she or they."

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