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Ellen Lesperance (American, b. 1971)

Du jaroj da seksa perforto kontrau virinaj Egiptaj manifestaciantoj, kaj jam ni portas trancilojn en la stratoj. Ili volas nin resti en niaj hejmoj, sed ni ..os! Neniam! Bandoj da krimuloj de brutuloj strio ni nuda. Ili venkis, palp kaj seksperfort ni. Aj, Egiptio! Devas ne esti libereco sen la libera la virinaro!

Date: 2014
Medium: Gouache and graphite on tea-stained paper
Object Dimensions: 40 x 29 1/2 in. (101.6 x 74.93 cm)
Credit Line: Purchased with funds provided by Seattle Art Fair, 2018.006
Photo Credit: Nathaniel Willson
Verbal Description: This artwork depicts a dark gray deconstructed garment, laid out flat, on a manila-colored background. The whole work is on lightly grided paper and the artist has filled in each individual square with graphite to create the garment shapes, darkening the spaces where the shapes of the garment overlap, giving the effect of a woven or knitted texture. The body of the garment is centered and quite long, reaching from the top to the bottom of the composition. The way the neckline and shoulders are shaped, the body resembles the shape of a rook in chess. The sleeves look like two keystones symmetrically perched on either shoulder. They only reach about midway down the body, indicating that this may be a dress or tunic. A white floral pattern, similar to one you may see on a lace doily, graces each garment layer. Two distinct patterns are on each of the shoulders, and then six patterns are slightly offset across the chest.

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